The NATO Band: Leather Versus Nylon

So you’re looking to purchase a NATO band to give your timepiece a new look, eh? Well, here at WatchBandit, you have not just one, but two complete ranges of NATO replacement straps from which to choose. We make NATO style watch bands in both leather and nylon styles, and both are finely crafted.

Here is a look at how they compare to help you make up your mind about which one to buy:

    The nylon band is the quintessential NATO strap, so it’s often preferred by men who want that traditional look.
  • COMFORT. Both leather and nylon bands are very comfortable, but some men prefer one over the other. Over time, leather will conform more to your wrist, while nylon tends to retain its stiffness.
  • SOPHISTICATION. A leather strap is dressier than a nylon band, so it’s usually the better choice for a watch for the office.
  • DURABILITY. Our leather watch straps are made from premium Italian leather, so they’re highly resistant to wear and tear; however, nylon is a stronger material, which is why it’s what’s used for classic military watch bands.
  • STYLES. Our leather bands come in a number of solid earth toned hues. The nylon bands are offered in solids, stripes and even camo prints.

Still can’t decide whether a leather or nylon NATO band is the best choice for your timepiece? Why not treat yourself to one of each? You can swap the straps to suit the occasion!

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