Thomas Earnshaw Watches: Continuing the Legacy

One can hardly tell the story of the history of timepieces without mentioning the name Thomas Earnshaw. A pioneer in the world of watchmaking, Earnshaw made landmark contributions to the world of watch design. While his name is not often taught in schools or uttered by the ordinary man on the street, Thomas Earnshaw watches keep his memory alive by continuing to craft timepieces with the methods he developed centuries ago.

Thomas Earnshaw began his career as a designer of chronographs used aboard ships. His Marine Chronometers were on board the HMS Beagle, the ship that Charles Darwin made all of his scientific voyages on. In 1780, Earnshaw revolutionised the design of the chronometer that forever changed naval navigation. His work gained him awards from the Board of Longitude and earned him a rightful place in the history books.

The chronograph designs of Thomas Earnshaw didn’t just change maritime navigation. They would also forever leave an imprint on the world of watches. If it wasn’t for Earnshaw’s innovation and experimentation, the chronograph watch as we know it would not exist today. The Thomas Earnshaw watch collection brings to life designs that honour the work of the inventor. Each piece in the collection has a distinctive vintage look and has a name that references some aspect of Thomas Earnshaw’s story.

Although Thomas Earnshaw watches are artisan crafted, they are affordably priced with styles selling for less than $1,000. The watches can be purchased directly from the brand online.

(Picture by Thomas Earnshaw Watches)

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