TID Watches: Truly Timely Timepieces

A watch is something that you slip on every day, but many high quality men’s watches are truly designed for everyday wear. For the man who wants a reliable timepiece that is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, options typically seem to swerve toward luxury timepieces that are better suited to the ballroom and the boardroom than to streetstyle. TID Watches is a company that offers an alternative, a timepiece made to function like a luxury watch but with a minimalistic design that is incredibly contemporary.

A Brand Inspired by Time Itself

TID Watches is one of the newer names on the luxury timepiece scene. The company was founded back in 2012 by Ola. E Bernestål, Petrus Palmér, Jonas Pettersson and John Löfgren, Swedish designers and timepiece collectors with a true passion for the art of telling time in a stylish way. TID is actually the Swedish word for “time,” and the designers at the brand are very inspired by the concept of time itself. As an extension of the brand’s design philosophy, TID Watches funds art projects and research studies into the nature of time, and its effect on mankind. The official website of the brand provides a showcase of the latest works funded by TID Watches, and these works add unique character to the brand’s line.

Simplistic Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian design has long been associated with simplistic forms that are paired with remarkable functionality, and this approach to design is perfectly embodied by the pieces in the TID Watches collection. The emphasis of every design is on the telling of time. As a result, the dials are very basic with simplistic hour markers and thick hands. Unlike most other watchmakers, TID Watches does not place any type of branding or logo on the dials of their watches. This keeps the look of the timepieces incredibly clean. Instead of dial markings, TID Watches stamps their name into the side with a punch tool, providing a mark of authenticity that is still very discreet. The watches are available with nylon and leather straps and black or white dials.

Designed for Everyday Wear

To make TID Watches true everyday timepieces, they are designed and constructed with durability in mind. The cases are ion coated stainless steel, making them incredibly strong and resistant to scratching and wear and tear. The faces of the timepieces are protected by mineral glass, which further enhances their strength. Water resistant at depths of up to 5 atmospheres, the watches bear Japanese quartz movement timekeeping mechanisms that provide an incredibly high level of accuracy at a rate of plus or minus 20 seconds per month.

TID Watches are not yet available for purchase at WatchBandit, until then you can buy them at the official TID website and at the brand’s boutique store in Stockholm, Sweden. Many of the TID Watches styles are produced in very limited quantities, so you’ll want to snag one for yourself quickly when you find a style that speaks to you.

(Picture from TID Watches)

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  1. George says:

    Great watch! I’m interested in buying one, but want to know if you can hear it tick? Is it a loud tick or rather quiet? Thanks, and all best.

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