Todd & Marlon: Watches for the Entrepreneur

More and more people today are leaving behind the rat race of corporate life to set off on their own as entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurship becomes more common among the younger generation, the concept of what it means to be an entrepreneur is changing. Nowadays, being an entrepreneur is a lifestyle in its own right–one that emphasizes the importance of looking one’s best, making a great impression on others and finding a balance between a hectic schedule and a rich personal life. Todd & Marlon is a watch brand that was developed with the spirit of entrepreneurism in mind, making it as unique as the people who are going out to start their own businesses.


Who Is Todd & Marlon?

Todd & Marlon is a lifestyle watch brand that was founded in 2015. The brand is headed by Vincenzo Carrara, who serves as the company’s CEO. Watches produced by Todd & Marlon are sold directly to consumers at the brand’s official online store as well as by authorized stockists. What makes Todd & Marlon so unique is that they are designed Italians, making them luxurious and sleek, but they are built in Switzerland, where the finest watches in the world are produced. As a result, the timepieces truly suit the tastes of entrepreneurs who appreciate quality and want to look their bests.


The Todd & Marlon Dial

Entrepreneurs don’t work standard 8-hour days. Their businesses require them to be on call around the clock, and many of them never truly stop working and thinking about their companies, even when they’re at play. Todd & Marlon watches were designed with this in mind. Instead of a traditional 12-hour dial, Todd & Marlon watches feature a 24-hour dial split into two 12-hour sections. As a result, it is easier to plan for daily activities and to track the hours when wearing a Todd & Marlon. There is no need to think about whether it’s AM or PM. Just a glance at the 24-hour dial lets you know the time of day and the exact hour.


The Todd & Marlon Movement

Time is always of the essence for an entrepreneur. Being late for a single appointment could be disastrous, so those who own their own businesses need to be able to reliably track the hours. That’s why Todd & Marlon features a Swiss Made Quartz Powertech Movement, an movement system that is known for its remarkably high degree of accuracy. The caliber is fashioned out of hundreds of precision parts that work in unison to track every fraction of a second, and there is one jewel included in the design.



The Todd & Marlon Style

All Todd & Marlon watches feature 38-millimeter stainless steel cases that are heat treated for durability and a sleek finish. Dials are brushed in two different directions to create a contrast between the two 12-hour dials. Sun and moon icons also distinguish the dials apart from one another. The initial Todd & Marlon collection includes a number of variations of the design with looks to suit every gentleman’s taste.

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  1. xyz says:

    this has USD 15 quartz movement in it (Ronda 515.24H) You can buy $100-180 at ebay better watch with same movement.

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