Top 4 Ways to Wear a Nautical Rope Bracelet

The rope bracelet trend shows no sign of fading, and part of the reason why is that nautical rope bracelets are incredibly versatile. Here are four ways that you can wear one.

1. All By Itself. You don’t have to get fancy to get a stylish look with a nautical rope bracelet. Slipping one onto your wrist on its own can add that perfect touch of colour and texture to contrast with what you’re wearing.

2. Doubled Up. Because they’re so light in weight, nautical rope bracelets can easily be worn in pairs. You can try wearing more than one of the same rope bracelet or getting two that coordinate with one another for sporting both together and separately.

3. Paired with a Timepiece. Wearing rope bracelets with wristwatches can bring out the details of a timepiece and make a dressy watch a little more casual for everyday dress.

4. Mixed with a Beaded Bracelet. The contrasting textures of beaded bracelets and rope bracelets make them an intriguing combination. You can coordinate the colours or pick colours that contrast with one another to create different looks.

As you can see, the looks you can create with one or two rope bracelets are diverse, and these are some of the ways you can style them. At their low price, rope bracelets give you maximum style impact for your money, as you can reinvent them again and again with new combinations. Check out our selection, pick out a favourite or two and start experimenting!

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