Top 5 Watches on Kickstarter April 2016

Every month we see a lot of new and interesting watch designs on Kickstarter. We have selected our top 5 for April 2016. We would love to get your comments on these watches, did you or will you back them?

1: Mansfield Watches

Mansfield watches

The AUTOMATICA ONE from Mansfield watches Dive Watch // Maximum Durability & Incredible Value // Automatic – Double Sapphire – 20ATM – 2 Year Warranty

2: Vilhelm Watches

Vilhelm Watches

The perfect sequence of Elements for a superior timepiece. Intricate design with proven Swiss Auto movements for incredible value.

3: Peren Watches

Peren Watches

Peren Son of the Dragon – The hand assembled Swiss Made Transylvanian watch directly from the workshop to your wrist.

4: MMT Watches

MMT Watches

Give MMT a date that is meaningful to you, get an exclusive watch with a map of that moment engraved.

5: Boetti Watch Co

Boetti Watch Co

With a touch of Italian luxury and Swedish craftsmanship it’s the most comfortable watch you’ll ever have on your wrist.


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