Top Names in Danish Design Watches

When you think of countries that produce quality timepieces, Switzerland likely comes to mind first. Japan may not be far behind. But those who truly know men’s watches will likely think of Denmark right away. Today, Danish design watches are among the most modernly stylish, and many of the top names from Denmark are producing timepieces of incomparable quality for their price.

Here are three of our favourite Danish watchmakers:

  1. Kanske. Kanske is known for producing watches that have plenty of classic appeal while still standing out as modern designs. A great example is the Kanske White Essence, which features traditional numerical hour markers, yet has an ultra mod look due to its completely smooth white calf leather strap and bright red accents.
  2. bulbul. Although the brand was founded only recently in 2013, bulbul is already garnering a cult following among men who love Danish watches. The brand embodies minimalism and classic Scandinavian design sensibilities with form following function perfectly. Currently, the brand has two watches available in a variety of colours: the squared off Pebble and the round Facette.
  3. REC. REC is an eco friendly watch brand that produces distinctive timepieces from salvaged vehicles. Each timepiece is engraved with the vehicle’s VIN number to show its authenticity, and the designs are inspired by the details of the vehicles from which they are derived.

At Watch Bandit, you’ll find Danish design watches from Kanske, Bulbul and REC at competitive prices every day. We have all of these brands’ most popular styles, so check out our selection and learn more about what makes Denmark’s brand of watchmaking so impressive.

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