Top Ways to Use a Paracord Survival Bracelet

The paracord survival bracelet is a trend right now with men wearing bracelets made from parachute cord all over. While there’s no denying that a paracord bracelet is stylish, these bracelets were originally made for function, not just for fashion. There are a number of ways that you can use paracord bracelets when you’re in the wilderness.

Here are just a few:

  1. Animal Traps. If you were stranded in the wilderness and needed to find food, you could use a paracord bracelet to create a trap. All it takes is the ability to tie a snare noose, so make sure you practice those knots.
  2. Fire Starting. While it takes some practice and time, you can use friction from a length of paracord twisted and tied to a piece of wood rubbed against another piece of wood to start a fire.
  3. Stopping Bleeding. Following a severe injury to a limb, you can tie off the injured spot with unraveled paracord to attempt to slow or stop the bleeding until you get help.
  4. Emergency Shoe Laces. If you rip or break a shoelace, your paracord bracelet can be unraveled and threaded through your boots!

It’s not just a name! A paracord survival bracelet really could help you survive outdoors. Even if you’re not the rugged type, one of these bracelets could come in handy sometime when you’re wearing it as a fashion accessory. Shop our line of paracord bracelets and bring home a piece of men’s jewelry that will allow you to be ready for anything.

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