Trestle Watch Co. Watches: Timepieces with History

Trestle Watch Co. is an innovative new micro brand that is taking the vintage-inspired watch trend in a new direction. Instead of simply creating timepieces that have retro appeal, the brand seeks to create watches that capture the spirit of historical figures while incorporating elements of vintage design.

Founded by an American who loves watches and American history, Trestle Watch Co. uses fine quality materials in the design of their timepieces, including Ronda quartz movement systems, sapphire crystal glass, genuine leather straps and stainless steel cases. For their introductory collection, Trestle Watch Co. has unveiled two timepieces:

– The McGuire. Named for legendary fighter pilot Thomas McGuire, this timepiece has an oversized round dial with a slim case, a simplified face and an interchangeable leather strap system. The design of the watch brings to mind the look of instrument panels in World War II fighter planes.

– The Roosevelt. Named for U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, this timepiece brings together hallmarks of Bauhaus minimalism and post-industrial style. The timepiece is sophisticated yet bold and dynamic, just like the president who introduced Fair Labor Standards and helped build the American middle class.

The Trestle Watch Co. plans to bring their two new watches to the market through crowdfunding. On July 13, 2016, their Kickstarter campaign will go live. A number of rewards will be available for backers, and those who contribute will be able to purchase Trestle Watch Co. watches at special prices.

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