Triple the Style with a Tag Heuer

When it comes to mixing and matching, we say the bigger the stack the better, and a recent Instagram post by @ric_acciari shows just how stylish a stacked look can be. We love this mixed media look he put together with two different products from our bracelet collection. We couldn’t wait to share it on the blog.

This look stars a Tag Heuer timepiece with a black dial, a black bezel and a silver bracelet. On the left is our Matte ONYX BeadBandit Stretch Bracelet. The matte colour of the beads goes perfectly with the midnight colour of the watch’s dial, and the accent bead goes great with the bracelet. To the right of the watch is one of our white gold anchor bracelets. By using a royal blue nautical bracelet, @ric_acciari added a splash of colour to his stack, and it also comes together perfectly with the silver finish on the anchor.

Thanks for sharing your photo, @ric_acciari!

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2 thoughts on “Triple the Style with a Tag Heuer

  1. Varun Sharma says:

    Great blog! I really like, the designs for Tag Heuer watches are really amazing!! I am so happy to came across this blog. Worth reading your post as this is the best guide for me for how to choose a best Tag Heuer watch. I love these all watches, wonderfully shared post I must say!

  2. Vansh Mehta says:

    So nice to read this blog, I myself own a tag heuer carrera 17 and an tag heuer aquaracer , love both of them and after reading your blog , I am liking it more. Thank You for boosting me up.

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