VDB Watches: Appreciation of True Timepiece Artistry

VDB was founded on the deep set belief that all watches are not, in fact, made equal. They know the value of true, passionate craftsmanship, and that is clearly made evident in their outstanding products. Mass production in the watch industry serves no one but the company who produces them–VDB aims to change these production standards by bringing you robust, unique and exclusive timepieces that you won’t find anywhere else–hand crafted every time.

Based out of Germany, VDB creates traditionally turned, milled and filled timepieces that are brimming with classic craftsmanship. They know that this is the best way to offer timepieces to enthusiasts who value the individuality and love of the art; you can even choose whether you want classic mechanical inner workings or the original versions steeped deeply in the history of watchmaking. They are different because they cater to those who truly have a love of the intricate process.

All of their artisan watches are exclusive and only come in limited editions. Made of the highest quality, VDB watches go through certified processing to ensure that they stand the test of time, as well as all of the pressure of the deepest ocean. To create these durable watches, VDB uses only ecologically-certified raw materials and have a paperless business model to aid in sustainability of the planet and its resources.

Worn by everyone from athletes to rock stars, from military executives and beyond, these watches are for anyone with a rebellious attitude who wants to break the mold of everyday watches.

These incredible timepieces can be found on their website and are available for an average price of 4,900 € plus shipping.

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