Vierra Watches: Redefining Affordable

What’s the lowest price that you can expect to pay for a watch and still ensure that you’re getting a quality timepiece? Most men would likely guess somewhere between $200 and $500, as in the past, most luxury-grade watches have been priced somewhere in that range. Now, a new micro brand, Vierra, is challenging the very notion of what’s affordable in the world of timepieces by offering luxurious watches at an amazingly low price point.

Based in the United States, Vierra is a watch brand seeking to make high fashion watches affordable. The brand’s entire line of stylish men’s watches retails for less than $100. While you might expect a watch that’s so low in price to have limited features, the Vierra offers all of the signatures of a high-end watch, including:

– Water resistance up to 100 meters

– Scratch resistant sapphire crystal face

– 316L stainless steel case that measures 42mm

– Customized Miyota Japanese quartz movement systems

– Variety of band options, including genuine leather, steel & rubber

– Lifetime warranty

To bring their line of modern, affordable timepieces to market, Vierra is relying on a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo. The company set out to raise $15,000, but at the time this piece was written had already received more than $21,000 in contributions, more than 140 percent of their goal. There were still seven days left for those who wished to be the first to own Vierra watches to claim one at a discount price by making a contribution.

(Picture by Vierra Watches)

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