Vilhelm Elemental Watches: Timepieces Made From Novel Materials

Traditionally, luxury watches are made from precious metals like gold, platinum or silver or out of heavy-duty stainless steel, but as technology has advanced new materials have emerged in the world of watchmaking. In the past, timepieces that have been made from these alternative materials have cost thousands of dollars and been inaccessible to most men, but now one watch brand is changing that with the Vilhelm Elemental Watches collection.

Singapore watch brand Vilhelm has created the Elemental collection to give men access to two of the latest materials being used in watchmaking: forged carbon and ceramic. Forged carbon fiber is stronger than steel and even titanium precious metal, but it weighs a small fraction of what metals do, making watches produced from it incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. The ceramic watches are constructed out of zirconium oxide, a mineral that can only be scratched by sapphire and diamond gemstones. Titanium and aluminum watch cases are also being offered in the new Elemental collection from Vilhelm Watches.

Vilhelm Watches is introducing the Elemental watches collection to the market through a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign sought to raise $50,000, and at the time this profile was compiled, had already earned more than $91,263 with 17 days remaining in the campaign. The brand is now working toward stretch goals that will introduce new style options for campaign backers. With many rewards remaining, it’s the perfect time for men to get their own watches made from innovative materials!

Vilhelm Watches

(Pictures by Vilhelm Watches)

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