Vintage Rolex Gets a New Band


We just spotted a pic of a WatchBandit replacement watch strap on the Instagram feed of @_instamos, and we’re mighty impressed with the way he styled his vintage Rolex DateJust watch.

Anytime you’re putting a replacement strap on a watch like a Rolex you want to make sure that you enhance the look of the watch without detracting from its face. After all, you want that luxurious timepiece to take centre stage in your look. @_instamos managed to offset his Rolex DateJust perfectly with the WatchBandit 20mm Perlon Watch Strap in Light Grey.

By using Light Grey instead of black with his watch, @_instamos was able to complement the black tone of the dial while introducing a new element to the watch. The grey colour of the strap gives the silver-toned lugs a sort of smoky quality that is very stylish, and it perfectly sets off the gold tone of the case and the hour markers.

Great styling, @_instamos! Thanks for posting!

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