Vostok Europe Watches: From Eastern Europe to the World

Switzerland is by far the watch-making capital of Europe with the UK and Scandinavia also being known for producing fine quality watches. Eastern Europe is typically not the place that you think of luxury timepieces originating from, but since 2003, one company has been working to change that. Called Vostok Europe Watches, this brand is seeking to put Eastern Europe on the watch-making map.

Vostok Europe Watches is a collaboration that spans Eastern Europe. All of the brand’s watches are designed by a team that resides in Vilnius, Lithuania. The watches draw inspiration from Eastern European military history as well as the Russian space program, giving them distinctive vintage looks while ensuring that they are durable to withstand harsh conditions and hold up well against wear and tear. The watches are manufactured in Russia at a leading factory in accordance with high quality standards. While Vostok Europe Watches are exceptional, they are economical and can be purchased for a reasonable price, making them ideal for daily wear.

If you wish to purchase Vostok Europe Watches, you can first visit their official website to learn more about the various styles and see which one appeals to you. Then, you can use their Shops search feature to find a stockist. The stockists include online stores and local jewelry stores and boutiques, and the watches are available for purchase in more than 15 countries. Prices vary from retailer to retailer as does the selection of timepieces available.

(Picture by Vostok Europe)

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