WatchBandit Anchor Bracelet

We just SPOTTED a photograph from one of our customers, and all we can say is, “Wow!” This amazing photo came from Instagram user @oslokiropraktoren, and we’re blown away by how amazing it is. You can see our anchor bracelet featured prominently in colour on oslokiropraktoren’s wrist. The design is one of our white gold anchors, which features genuine precious metal plating and has a fully adjustable fit.

Not only is this photograph very artistic, but we love how it shows just how you can stack up bracelets and watches to make a fashion statement. The mix of textures in the beaded and rope bracelets that oslokiropraktoren has stacked looks amazing.

We love your photo, oslokiropraktoren! Thanks for sharing it!

Want to show us how you love to wear our anchor bracelets and the other fashionable accessories from our collection? Take a photo and share it with us on Instagram or through email. Who knows! You just might see your picture on a future edition of SPOTTED.