WatchBandit Combo

Look what we received in our email inbox! Our customer Tom sent us this photo showing how he combined two products that we feature on our site, and we’re excited to show it to you!

The timepiece featured in this look is one of our favourites–the G.axs Jamming Joe. The watch has a back electroplated case and a black dial with black hands. For this look, Tom swapped the strap that comes with the watch for our WatchBandit James Bond Nato strap with stripes of black, green and red. The colours completely transform the look of the G.axs Jamming Joe while still showing off its minimalist modern design.

Thanks for emailing us your photo, Tom!

We’d love to see your photos, too! Strap on your WatchBandit watch bands or slip on one of our beaded or anchor bracelets, snap a photo and email it to us! You can also upload to Instagram and tag us to be SPOTTED.