WatchBandit customer photo from Spain

Every luxury watch makes a statement, but some designs are especially bold. The Breitling Navitimer is one of those watches that has a substantial, eye-catching look, and when you’re wearing such a showy watch, it can be challenging to make a great stacked look. Still, it’s possible to pair a bracelet with a Navitimer and get highly fashionable results. This edition of SPOTTED shows you how it’s done!

This photo comes from Instagram user @ivalvarezsuarez who lives in Spain. He placed a bright green white gold anchor beside his Breitling Navitimer to brighten up the luxury watch. The silver coloured anchor goes perfectly with the dominant metal of the design, while the yellow offsets the gold handsomely.

Excellent combination, @ivalvarezsuarez! Thanks for allowing us to share it!

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