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WatchBandit Introduces new 24 mm Perlon Straps

Here at WatchBandit, we love hearing from our customers and always take requests to heart when we’re planning future products. Time and time again, we’ve heard from men who love our replacement watch straps that they wished there was a larger version of our Perlon straps available. Well, we were paying attention, and we’re thrilled to announce that we’re now offering a new size option in our Perlon watch straps collection.

As of right now, you can find our brand new Perlon watch straps in our collection of replacement watch bands here at WatchBandit! The brand new straps measure 24 millimeters in width, making them our widest watch straps fashioned out of Perlon nylon. Like all of our other Perlon straps, the new straps come with silver-toned stainless steel buckles, and we have both adjustable and non-adjustable buckle styles available. The 24-millimeter Perlon straps measure 270 millimeters in length like our other straps, and they are 1 millimeter thick.

With our Perlon straps, you get the benefits of a wear and tear resistant watch band that can hold up to daily wear, but that is still flexible to ensure comfort. Perlon straps are a favourite for warm weather wear, as the plaited weave allows air to still reach your skin.

You can see all of the colour options available in our range of Perlon watch straps that are 24 millimeters wide by checking out our entire Perlon straps collection. Shop the assortment of products now and find the perfect wide watch band to complement your timepiece.

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