What a great Anchor Combo

When you think about matching anchor bracelets to your ensembles, you ordinarily consider what other bracelets and what watch you’ll pair with your nautical jewelry, but by considering your complete ensemble, you can put together some really stylish combinations. This edition of SPOTTED shows a great example of that with a photograph from our customer Instagram user @danielfrydenlund10.

This look focuses on matching a nautical bracelet to a pair of socks with a white anchor that complements the white gold anchor on the bracelet. The nylon fiber rope features blue in the same deep colour as the socks, and the red and white accents coordinate with the red and white stripes of the hosiery.

Great look, @danielfrydenlund10! We’re glad you posted it so we could share it!

We’d love to have a chance to share your photographs, too! If you’d like to be featured in SPOTTED, take a picture of your wrist and send it to us by email or post it on Instagram with a tag for WatchBandit!