What Are Mantra Bracelets?

Have you heard of mantra bracelets yet? Worn by both men and women, the mantra bracelet is a jewelry design that has its roots in the Ancient Far East but has now jumped into the modern age as a fashion accessory.

Here are some key facts about the mantra bracelet:

  • The mantra bracelet arose out of the Hindu and Buddhist faiths. Examples that are centuries old survive from Japan, India, Tibet and other Asian countries.
  • Most early mantra bracelets featured wooden beads. They were often painted and finished with decorative tassels.
  • The original purpose of these pieces of jewelry was to assist with the recitation of mantras. A mantra is a phrase that is repeated during times of spiritual contemplation and meditation. While praying, a Hindu or Buddhist would move their hands along the beads to mark their place. This would allow them to focus on reciting the mantra not counting the number of times that a prayer was said.
  • The modern mantra bracelet is normally worn as a fashion accessory; however, some Buddhists and Hindus may still use them when reciting mantras. Modern designs may include beads carved to resemble the Buddha’s head or carved beads that have a distinctive Asian look.

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