When It’s All Said and DONE, Luxury Watches are for Everyone

There is something timeless and fascinating about Swiss watchmaking. It is a trusted process, one that has been around for too many years to count. Often considered luxury in the watch industry, most of these beautiful Swiss watches extend far beyond the comfortable price range of many potential buyers. With DONE watches, however, they aim to make luxury timepieces an affordable, household item.

Named for the fact that they are completed, or done, in Neuchatel, Switzerland, DONE watches are created by a micro-technology engineer who has been in the field of Swiss watchmaking for a decade. Thierry Clottu, the founder, believes that beautiful watches shouldn’t just be reserved for those with an exorbitant amount of money. He challenges himself to make luxury timepieces accessible to all, bringing forth a Swiss watch with personality and an affordable price tag.

These watches begin as a hand drawing that is then made into a prototype through a 3D printer to test the ergonomics. With the 3D model out, Clottu is able to adjust the watch as needed to gain the necessary components that allow him to begin his watchmaking.

The mechanical movement ETA 6497-1 Caliber is a trusted, reliable function. It has a sturdiness that is renowned and has proven its worth, making it well known among those who craft durable, luxury watches. Used even today by Swiss companies, DONE implements this timeless movement as well. The ETA 6497-1 movement is perfect for decoration as it has very large bridges. DONE watches are decorated and stunning to look at because of this. The brand believes watches should not only be perfectly functional, but beautiful fashion statements that one becomes attached to as well.

They also enjoy implementing the use of a hand-wound device, reminiscent of old watchmaking techniques. Until it became an automatic process, each watch was wound by hand; therefore, it is a nod to the stunning watches from days gone by.

To bring this concept to life, DONE is crowdsourcing its funds using Kickstarter, and at the time of writing, has reached well past its goal, raising $74,585 of the $36,253 goal set. It will be funded on July 9th, 2016.

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