Wilhelm Bergman: Inspired by Italy, Designed in Scandinavia

It is amazing how travel can open your eyes and inspire you to completely change your life. Similarly, modern design has a way of giving you a unique perspective on the world. A contemporary watch makes telling time simple and gives you a break from the over-saturation of stimuli that so many of us suffer from each and every day. Wilhelm Bergman watches are modern watches that can give you a fresh perspective and were born out of a single man’s travel-inspired vision.

Wilhelm Bergman founded his designer watch brand after a trip to Italy. While vacationing there, he fell in love with the relaxed, laid-back way that Italians lived and admired how they enjoyed life to the fullest. When he returned home from Genoa, he longed to live his life in a similar way. This motivated him to resign from his corporate career in Gothenburg, Sweden, and begin making his own line of elegant, minimalist modern watches. His eponymous brand is made for the man who appreciates the finer things in life but wants to have enough money left in his budget to travel and see the world.

Wilhelm Bergman watches are available online. The watches are amazingly affordable when you consider their quality. The retailing price is only 159 €. Timepieces can be shipped to addresses in Europe and the United States within 3 to 5 business days.

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