Wilk Watchworks: Truly Unique Timepieces

When it comes to watchmaking, a traditional hands-on approach still produces the absolute best finished timepiece despite the advances in automation that allow watches to be quickly produced along assembly lines. That’s why a number of the top luxury watch brands use hand crafting techniques to produce their watches. Still, these watches are produced in mass quantities by large teams of workers unlike antique watches that were labored over by a single watchmaker one at a time. Wilk Watchworks is an up and coming micro brand that is returning to that traditional crafting method, giving men watches that are truly unique.

Wilk Watchworks are made entirely by hand by the brand’s founder. He translated his passion for watch making into a career by offering stylish timepieces that reflect modern trends but that are produced the way watches once were–by a single artisan. Because each watch is made by hand, you can fully customise your timepiece. The brand lets you choose the type of clasp, the type of band and the colours of the dial, case and hands. You can even request specific movement systems and upgrades like sapphire crystal faces or luminous dials. With Wilk Watchworks, it’s finally possible to have your ideal watch made just for you.

Wilk Watchworks watches are available to purchase directly from the brand at their official online store. Prices for watches vary based on the customisation options that you choose, but the online store does offer already produced timepieces, ranging in price from $500 to $5000.

(Picture by Wilk Watchworks)

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