Wood Wilder – Sustainability, One Tree at a Time

Many watch companies make their timepieces with no regard for the world around them. Most brands choose to focus solely on cost efficiency and profit, taking up precious resources to construct their watches. Verily, they often forget about the environmental impact they are leaving behind. Wood Wilder knows the importance of sustainability, and this makes them unique to other watchmakers. With their eye on how they can better help the planet while providing elegant watches, Wood Wilder is staying ahead of the game.

Based out of Denmark, Wood Wilder creates fine wooden timepieces that are as timeless as they are modern. Wood Wilder’s values include sustainability first and foremost, along with a positive mindset, strength, a great attitude and the motivation to make a change. Innovation and quality is key, and they believe in providing the utmost customer satisfaction by tapping into these ideas and values.

Wood Wilder knows that in order to create their wooden watches, they must participate in the growing problem of deforestation. Even though they can create as many as one thousand products with one tree, they believe it is wrong to be a part of the act of tree removal. They aim to make up for this by planting at least one tree for every purchase made by a customer.

Because of this, they created an organization called Project Forest. Project Forest encourages other businesses to plant at least one tree for each product they sell, repopulating needy areas with plenty of green life. Along with this, Wood Wilder funds the planting of a forest for each one thousand products they sell, helping parts of the earth like Africa, Asia and South America.

You can contribute to their sustainable practices by purchasing one or more of their beautiful watches from their online store for around $115.00. Their worldwide free shipping policy along with a lifetime guarantee allows you to get these stunning wooden watches for an even more economical price.


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