Wristlet: Fusing History with Passion

Many companies have drawn inspiration from the military to build their watches, but no one combines the use of deep history and a passion for craftsmanship quite like Wristlet. Using bronze and brass to create intricate watches, Wristlet stands out from the rest, boasting a knowledge of age-old technology fused with the artistry of modern design to bring you handcrafted watches that stand the test of time and rule out any competition.

Born out of the trenches of World War I, the Trench Watch or Wristlet, was put into use because pocket watches were impractical–soldiers began tying these pocket watches to their wrist, hence the name Wristlet.

Handmade, the Wristlet is a watch that uses bronze for the casing and brass for the buckles and lugs. These parts are intricately constructed to form the shell of the watch. Strapping it onto your wrist is vegetable-tanned, hand-dyed leather that uses the technique of Vinegaroon to color it. This method lends a vintage look that the artist believes goes perfectly with the bronze.

While you will receive this watch in a polished condition, it is possible for the bronze to change overtime, giving you colors that range between copper reds to deep browns and greens, which the creator finds exciting. The main functioning part of the timepiece is a Sea-Gull ST3600 mechanical movement. This function is a perfect replica of Unitas 6497, keeping in time with the traditions of the past. The dial itself has high luminosity and glows with barely any exposure to the sun.

The owner of Wristlet is using crowdfunding on a Kickstarter to bring Wristlet to life, which at the time of writing has met $2,124 of their $6,414 goal with 21 days left for backing. They are well on their way to their goal, and each watch you order comes shipped in a handmade wooden box.

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