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Wristporn Launches New Home Page

Wristporn has long been a resource for people passionate about horology to get information about up and coming watch micro brands, timeless luxury brands and distinctive vintage styles. One of the most popular watch blogs on the Internet, the site is known for keeping up with the trends and frequently updating with engaging posts that keep readers coming back for more. Now, the website has a brand new face that has made it even easier to explore.

Recently, Wristporn unveiled their brand new home page design. The website has gone to a continuous scrolling home page that is much easier to navigate. When you reach the home page, you see the featured image from the latest blog post displayed on the screen, giving you the chance to see whatever watches are being discussed in vivid detail. A brief summary is displayed, and there is a handy button to click to check out the post.

When you scroll down the page further, you’re treated to some of the recent images from the Wristporn Instagram and other social media accounts. The site accepts photos from readers who want to show off their watches and how they style them. If you want to see more photos that the eight displayed, you can do so with a click.

As you continue down the page, you reach a listing of the site’s latest blog posts, and at the bottom is an About Us section that introduces you to the site owners. While Wristporn has always been a great site, the new home page has made it easier to use and more appealing than ever.

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