XERXES Kitzbuhel: A New Breakthrough in Cell Phone Technology

Normally, we profile watchmakers in our blog posts, but recently, we came across a new technology that is so exciting and beneficial for busy gents that we had to share it with you. It’s called the XERXES Kitzbuhel, and it’s going to truly revolutionise the way we use our cell phones.

The XERXES Kitzbuhel is a unique device for recharging a smartphone on the go. The exact size of a credit card, this power bank can be easily carried in a wallet, a pocket or a bag and is much smaller and lighter than any other power back we’ve ever seen. An LED light is built in that allows the power bank to double as a flashlight and it has a powerful 2200mAh battery that can power a device for hours. When it’s time to recharge the power bank, the power cell can be fully replenished in about 1 hour, and you can simultaneously charge your phone while repowering the power cell.

The geniuses behind the XERXES Kitzbuhel have decided to bring their product to market by selling directly to consumers with a Kickstarter funding campaign. The campaign recently launched with a goal of raising $27,331. At the time that this piece was written, there were still 31 days remaining in the campaign, and more than $4,000 had been raised from 34 backers. The campaign seems on pace to become fully funded. Guys who want to get their own XERXES Kitzbuhel can choose from many rewards that still remain.

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