Your Guide to Choosing the Right Anchor Bracelet

Anchor bracelets are a sleek alternative to the traditional men’s metal link or cuff bracelet, and they’re showing up on the arms of celebrities and everyday gents all over. With their popularity, it’s no surprise that there are dozens of styles available.

At Watch Bandit, we have anchor bracelets to suit every man’s taste, but we realise that can make it a little difficult to know how to begin shopping. By following these steps, you can pick out the perfect nautical bracelet in no time.

1. Pick Your Material. There are two types of anchor bracelets: leather and nylon rope. The nylon rope is the classic look and what most people think of when they picture nautical bracelets. The leather bracelets have a slightly dressier appearance, so they’re popular with men who want to wear their bracelets all day every day, even with their suits and ties.

2. Choose Your Anchor Type. We offer four types of anchors in our collection. If you’re looking for a precious metal anchor finish, your options include our yellow gold, white gold silver-coloured and rose gold copper-coloured styles. We also offer black PVD-coated anchors with a sleek, modern look.

3. Decide on Colour. Once you choose the material type and anchor colour, you’ll have narrowed down your selections rather fast. Finish off by choosing the colour that will give you the effect you want whether it’s to stand out or get a perfect match with your wristwatch or clothes.

There you have it – three steps to choosing the best anchor bracelet! Now, you’re ready to start your shopping and get your favorite look from our collection.

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