Zeitgeist Denmark A Return to Classic Watchmaking

All too often, the emphasis in the world of design is to keep moving forward, which means moving beyond the past. While this leads to new innovations, it often also means abandoning old approaches that made various types of products truly unique. This is especially true in the world of watchmaking, where interest in creating new technologies has led to the abandonment of many traditional techniques. Zeitgeist Denmark is dedicated to changing that, producing modern watches with touches of vintage sensibilities that are truly one of a kind.

The Meaning of Zeitgeist

Zeitgeist is a German word that means “the spirit of the times.” It is used to describe prevailing attitudes and social norms and is embodied by the majority of people in a given culture. As time moves on, it is the zeitgeist of previous time periods that we often remember, those defining features that set one generation apart from the next. By choosing Zeitgeist Denmark to be their brand name, the founders of the company symbolize their desire to honor the spirit of watchmaking’s past while creating designs in the spirit of modern sensibilities.

A Return to Classic Watchmaking

Zeitgeist Denmark is a Danish watchmaking brand based in Copenhagen. The company was founded out of an understanding that many men were interested in owning mechanical watches like the vintage designs of the past. Unfortunately, these watches often broke down and required expensive repairs, so very few working models survived. As a result, men who wanted a distinctive mechanical watch had to pay thousands to get the look and features. Zeitgeist Denmark was founded to bring back mechanical watchmaking to offer affordable designs that still had plenty of appeal to those looking for truly timeless men’s watches.

Top Quality Components

In order to make Zeitgeist Denmark timepieces of true luxury quality, the brand uses only the highest quality materials. Leathers for the bands are sourced from tanneries in Italy, and sapphire crystal is used for the faces. The cases are all constructed out of stainless steel, and the watches combine Swiss automatic movement backup with mechanical movement for reliability. All of the watches are crafted by hand, making them truly of refined quality. Only 100 of each model in the Zeitgeist Denmark collection are made, and each watch is engraved with its number in the series.

The Mechanica Line

The first offerings from Zeitgeist Denmark were from the line appropriately named Mechanica in celebration of their mechanical movement. The watches are available in two styles. The original Mechanica has bar hour markers, a black dial and a black leather strap. The Anno Mechanica features a grey dial with Arabic hour markers and a black leather strap. Both timepieces have sleek stainless steel cases. Available from top retailers, including Watch Bandit, Zeitgeist Denmark timepieces retail for €950. Quantities are limited, and many stores sell out of their inventory quickly. See the whole collection here.

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