Zeitgeist Denmark Watches

Modern watches typically run on batteries and feature quartz crystal movement. While these timepieces are very reliable, they don’t offer the classic charm of the winding wristwatch. As more and more men become inspired by vintage designs, the demand for the classic mechanical watch has increased, but for men who prefer a more contemporary look from a timepiece, purely vintage watches are less than ideal.

Zeitgeist Denmark was founded to produce mechanical wristwatches that are truly modern. “Zeitgeist” means the “spirit of the times” and reflects how Zeitgeist Denmark watches keep with contemporary styles yet still speak to the golden age of watchmaking. The watches features a Swiss made mechanical movement that was tested and engineered in Denmark. The result is a high quality, reliable watch that will stand the test of time and never require battery changes.

Part of what makes Zeitgeist Denmark watches so unique is the diverse background of the company’s founders. The brand was launched by a dentist, an engineer, a watchmaker and a landscape architect. Their unique combination of experiences in engineering, design, science and art has resulted in a line of watches that look and operate unlike any others on the market today. All Zeitgeist Denmark watches are made in very small, limited batches, allowing for much higher quality controls that what are normally used in the watchmaking industry. The result is a difference in quality that you can see at first glance whenever you wear a Zeitgeist Denmark timepiece.

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