Zelos Watches: Fashion Meets Affordability

The Internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunities for watchmakers. In the old days, watchmakers needed to fight their way onto the scene by attracting the attention of wholesalers and retailers with the promises of profits and demonstrated brand appeal. Now, more and more indie watch brands are entering the scene by creating designs specifically to appeal to the men who will wear them. Using crowdfunding, these watchmakers are able to raise funds from the very men who wish to own their designs. It was this approach to product launch that has made Zelos Watches a watchmaker to watch.

A Zeal for Fashionable, Affordable Timepieces

Named after the Greek word for zeal, Zelos Watches was launched via two Kickstarter campaigns, both of which surpassed their goals by tens of thousands of dollars. The company was founded by Elshan Tang, a Singapore native with a passion for timepieces. As a child, he was fascinated by watches and was fond of taking apart timepieces to study the mechanisms inside. As an adult, he grew to become an avid watch collector and was well aware of the high prices charged for the top brand watches. With his degree in mechanical engineering, Tang knew that the luxury brands did not cost remotely as much to make as their selling prices. He created Zelos Watches as an alternative to higher priced models, wanting to offer well-made, luxury timepieces without inflated pricing, so that all men could afford to own a fashionable statement watch.

The Helmsman

The first timepiece released by Zelos Watches was the Helmsman, a design inspired by the bronze statues of antiquity and the modern period. The distinguished timepiece features a signature dial made out of genuine bronze, giving it a rustic, dark color unlike anything else on the market today. Over the years, bronze develops a natural patina that adds to its beauty, and by using the metal in the design of the Helmsman, Zelos is able to offer a timepiece that grows more handsome with age. The brand also released a stainless steel version of the Helmsman for those who preferred the more traditional look of a silver case.

The Chroma

The Chroma was the second release from Zelos Watches and is an automatic movement timepiece. Minimalistic modern design served as the inspiration for the watch, which is offered with a black electroplated or classic polished silver stainless steel case. The watch features a genuine leather band with contrast stitching and is made with a solid dial as well as one with a swirl cutaway design.

Helmsman and Chroma timepieces from Zelos Watches are produced in very limited quantities with runs typically limited to a few hundred watches or less. Styles tend to sell out quickly, but Zelos does offer pre-orders on some of their new designs. The timepieces are soon available for purchase directly here from WatchBandit who will be the first european reseller.

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