WatchBandit Zulu Straps

If you’re looking for a way to make your watch more comfortable and more stylish, WatchBandit Zulu Straps are the ideal solution. These replacement watch straps instantly change the look of a timepiece and offer numerous benefits that make them as practical as they are stylish. Nylon watch straps are preferable for sports, outdoor activities and hot summer days, as they won’t scratch like metal and are much cooler and more flexible than rubber watch straps. Zulu straps are entirely handmade, making them of superior quality to other canvas replacement watch straps that you’ll find on the market. At the same time, they are affordably priced, giving you the freedom to purchase multiple colors and widths to suit your every mood.

The design of WatchBandit Zulu straps is incredibly modern. Solid color and striped bands are available in an array of colors from go-with-everything black to get-noticed orange and silver. The fittings and buckle on the Zulu straps have a modern look due to their oval shape. The hardware is finished with PVD, giving it a sleek matte finish that is a departure from the traditional highly polished metal found on most canvas watch bands.

When you wear a Zulu strap on your watch, you’re sure to stand out, and you’ll be feeling comfortable all the while. The nylon used in the construction of the bands is soft and flexible enough to conform to your wrist, but still durable enough to resist wear and tear. Be sure to check out our Zulu Straps collection to find the perfect replacement strap for your timepiece.

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