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WatchBandit: Watches, Watch Bands, Bracelets & more

WatchBandit is dedicated to carrying accessories made for the modern wrist. In our online store, you’ll find a variety of accessories made for men who want luxury quality products that are in keeping with contemporary trends. We carefully select every product with modern men in mind, ensuring that everything we feature on our site reflects the latest trends but still offers timeless appeal.

As you might expect from our name, WatchBandit brings you watches that are true steals. While all of the timepieces that we carry are finely crafted, we seek out micro brands and independent designers that cater to the needs of everyday men. This means you’ll find watches that will suit your taste and your budget when you shop WatchBandit.

The selection of replacement watch bands at WatchBandit is truly second to none. We carry a wide range of Perlon straps, NATO straps and Zulu strap designs in various widths, colours and patterns to offer something to complete every timepiece. Every watch band that you’ll find at WatchBandit is carefully crafted from materials of exceptional quality to ensure years of wear.

At WatchBandit, you’ll find more than just watches. We’re also the best place to find stylish bracelets for men. Our collection of handcrafted designer bracelets includes looks that are truly inspired by the moment, but that can be worn for years to come. When you buy an anchor bracelet, a fish hook bracelet, a gemstone bracelet or a knot bracelet from us, you can be confident that you’re getting a fashionable accessory that will stand the test of time.