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A young and independent Swedish watch brand, Gaxs Watches is a company that was formed in the year 2012 with a passion for the creation of timeless watches. They set out to create high quality timepieces that come at reasonable prices, allowing people who are enthusiastic about watch collecting to own more than one kind so that they can wear them on any occasion. With this in mind, the company began working closely with a manufacturer that believed in what they did, swapping materials and ideas from across the globe until the end of 2012 when they released their very first collection.

Gaxs Watches timepieces are dedicated to providing anyone who wants a minimalistic and modern watch with the exact one that they want, one that can be swapped out for any other beautiful watch that they create to build classic ensembles and pair the watch with the right attire. Clean angular lines work in harmony with a blend of materials such as genuine leather, stainless steel and canvas to create unique watches that cannot be found anywhere else. All of the Gaxs Watches come in either matte or shining black with dark gray dials scattered throughout. Their cases contrast these dials beautifully with their selection of black, gold and gray finishes that you can pick from.

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