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WatchBandit has set out to create our own stylish, durable watch straps that are suitable for wear with any of your favorite timepieces. After taking cues from other watch straps, noting both their strengths and weaknesses, the WB Original watch straps are designed to fill in the gaps that other watch straps lack by providing total style and affordability without charging too much money for them. At WatchBandit, you can find your new favorite straps from the two styles presently offered and the variety of colors in which they are available.

The WB Original watch straps are currently made out of either suede leather or are Nato straps. Both styles have their perks for wearing with different sorts of timepieces, letting you pair them with classic, sophisticated dress watches to sportier, outdoor watches alike. The suede leather comes in a variety of colors from subtle gray to bright orange and blue, while the Nato straps are presented in subtler varieties to make them more versatile.

The WB Original watch straps suede leather straps are soft to the touch. Each one is fashioned out of genuine Italian leather and has been handmade in Italy. They are fixed with quick release buckles that make them simple to attach to different timepieces and a durable stainless steel buckle to attach them to the wrist.

The NATO straps are made out of seatbelt-quality nylon that is surprisingly soft and comfortable. Brushed stainless steel buckles secure it to the wrist.

Score your own WB Original watch straps at prices between 25 and 45 euros, including free worldwide shipping on orders over $99.