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Braided lightweight perlon strap – perfect for your summer look!

Perlon watch bands perfectly complement many different watch styles. They are robust and especially light, which makes them perfect for hot and active summer days. Whatever type of watch you pair it with, this strap is sure to provide you with years of stylish wear with its ultra strong plaited construction. The synthetic nylon fibers are water resistant and are sturdy enough to not fray or tear. A sleek adjustable buckle is included in the design and fastens securely. They are available as a single- or two-piece strap.

You can use a perlon replacement watch strap to substitute a worn out strap or to make your watch more suitable for rugged active wear. We carry a large selection of different colors and styles like classic black, blue, red or orange in our collection, so you can purchase multiple bands to have something to coordinate with everything in your wardrobe.

About the material: Perlon

Perlon straps are made out of a polymer called Nylon 6 that is unlike any other fibre used to create watch straps. Most nylons are made by condensing materials to create a continuous material. Perlon is constructed by joining tiny rings of fibres together to create a weave. The result is a form of nylon that is exceptionally strong and that can resist ripping and wear and tear better than other forms of nylon. As a result, it is a great choice for wearing outdoors, during sports and any other time when there’s danger of your watch becoming hooked or caught on something.

Our custom watch straps are plaited, which adds extra strength to the material. The WatchBandit collection combines the finest grade of 1mm thick Perlon with stainless steel hardware that is tarnish and corrosion resistant. We offer the majority of the Perlon straps in three different widths – 18, 20, 22 & 24mm – and all of them are fully adjustable for length.