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Timekeeping is an art that has been alive since the dawn of time. What began with ancient tools such as sundials transformed into portable timepieces such as pocket watches and then into wristwatches that give their wearers the time of day with a simple glance. Watch enthusiasts understand that timepieces can be so much more than just a way to tell the time and instead understand that stories are told through each timepiece using unique design styles and details. At WatchBandit, we know the importance of unique watches to timepiece collectors and therefore strive to present you with only the best of the best indie watches.

With a market saturated with so many of the same styles and large brands that seem to keep churning out more of the same, WatchBandit works to highlight the independent watch brands that are making waves in the timepiece industry with their truly revolutionary designs, giving you more options for adding to your collection than ever before. Here, we offer watches that can appeal to any style you enjoy collecting, from modern to traditional, from dive watches to formal watches and beyond.

Each one of the watches shown here is specially curated for our loyal customers, providing you with a one-stop shop for all of your timepiece needs. Browse the collections of watches from various brands and see what you’ve been missing in the world of independent watches.