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Many watchmakers insist on creating watches that all function in a similar way, and we do not mean in the way that their cogs turn and their jewels vibrate. The dial of the Hidden Time Watches by Anicorn Watches itself is revolutionary in the way it slowly disappears with the passing of time, symbolizing the fleeting nature of time and how it always seems to elude us. With an ever-changing dial, the face of the watch will never look the same throughout the day.

These watches are not only unique and striking in their outward design, but they offer elements which make the watch reliable and sophisticated inside of them as well. Twenty-one jewels vibrate within the watches and power the movement to ensure that the timing is always right. Working with renowned typographers, the typeface takes on characteristics which transform the watch faces into something memorable. The entirety of each watch is inspired by the industrial styles of the 20th century in order to form a multi-space structure which shows the passage of time in a brand new way and will remind you to make the most of your day.

WatchBandit is proud to offer Hidden Time Watches by Anicorn Watches as an authorized retailer. You can get your own Hidden Time Watch by visiting the products found above and finding one that suits your particular sense of style. Shipping is free to anywhere on the planet with your purchase of one of these competitively priced timepieces.