rolex explorer watchbandit suede strap by submarinate


Our newest ambassadors submarinate is probably one of the most talented watch photographers in Norway. We are super happy that he is now part of #TeamWatchBandit.

Sigmund Sagberg

oslokiropraktoren is a must follow Instagram account if you are into watches. oslokiropraktoren takes creative and beautiful pictures of his watch collection, a collection that changes at the same speed as the weather in Oslo ?

oslokiropraktoren was the first WatchBandit Ambassador, and we are honored that he is part of #TeamWatchBandit.


Batemans Watches

batemanswatches is a talented gentleman from Germany, who is passionate about the good things in life, such as watches, liquers, drinks, cigars and WatchBandit bracelets of course 😉  Follow his social media accounts for more sunning pictures.

batemanswatches was the third WatchBandit Ambassador, and we are super happy that he is part of #TeamWatchBandit.

rolex gmtmaster and watchbandit bracelet by david2fam


david2fam is our second French ambassador. David takes amazing pictures of his wonderful watch collection, so check out his profile on Instagram. We are super happy that David is now part of #TeamWatchBandit.
omega speedmaster


Cigarsmokingmodel is a well know Instagram star from the UK and our ambassador, we super excited that he is part of #TeamWatchBandit now.


gmtfanatic is one of the most exiting Instagram accounts to follow if you are into watches. gmtfanatic takes daily pictures of his beloved Rolex GMT-Master II and his newest acquisition a Rolex Datejust.

gmtfanatic was the second WatchBandit Ambassadors, and we are happy that gmtfanatic is part of #TeamWatchBandit.



Apiacreations is our French superstar, he takes some of the best wristshot closeups the #watchfam has seen. Apiacreations is a must-follow Instagram accounts to follow if you are into watches as he has a very sexy collection.

Apiacreations is our fourth WatchBandit Ambassadors, and we are excited that he is part of our #TeamWatchBandit.

rolex gmtmaster and watchbandit bracelets by dom_gmt


dom_gmt  is our third German WatchBandit Ambassador, and we are super excited that he is part of #TeamWatchBandit now.

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