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The NOMOS Tangente, often hailed as the quintessential “Bauhaus watch,” is renowned for its minimalist design and precision of German watchmaking. However, let’s dispel the myth surrounding its Bauhaus origins and delve into its distinct versatile design, setting the stage for our exploration of various strap options for the Tangente.

A Simple Guide to the Best Watch Straps for the NOMOS Tangente


NOMOS Tangente paired with our Vintage Strap Brown | WB Original

In this comprehensive guide, we embark on a journey to enhance the allure of the NOMOS Tangente. Celebrated for its versatility, this iconic timepiece transforms with each strap, becoming a canvas for personal expression. From classic vintage leather to contemporary sailcloth, we’ll explore the best watch straps, uncovering countless ways to make your NOMOS Tangente uniquely yours. Join us in discovering the perfect pairing that elevates both style and substance.


The Alpha Caliber, NOMOS’s in-house manual-winding movement, takes center stage, showcasing a ballet of meticulously crafted components. The rhythmic dance of gears, the oscillation of the balance wheel, and the precision of the escapement are all on display, creating a mesmerizing visual symphony.

Vintage Leather: Classic Elegance Reimagined


NOMOS Tangente paired with our Vintage Strap Burgundy | WB Original

Step back in time with the NOMOS Tangente on a Vintage Leather Strap. The richness of naturally tanned leather complements the Tangente’s timeless design, creating a harmonious blend of classic elegance and contemporary style.

Suede Leather: Texture Meets Subtlety


NOMOS Tangente 35 paired with our Suede Strap Vintage Ocean Blue | WB Original

For those seeking a touch of texture, Suede Leather Straps offer a tactile experience that adds depth to the NOMOS Tangente. Choose earthy tones or vibrant colors to personalize your watch and showcase a blend of sophistication and versatility.

Nubuck Straps: Contemporary Luxury Redefined

Elevate your NOMOS Tangente with the refined charm of Nubuck Leather. Soft and velvety, nubuck straps exude contemporary luxury. This choice brings a tactile experience that enhances the tactile pleasure of wearing your Tangente.

Sailcloth Straps: A Nautical Adventure


NOMOS Tangente neomatik paired with our Premium Sailcloth Watch Strap – Dark Blue | WB Original

For those with an adventurous spirit, sailcloth straps provide a unique aesthetic that complements the NOMOS Tangente’s versatile design. The blend of durability and style makes these straps perfect for both formal occasions and outdoor adventures.

Perlon Straps: Casual and Light Comfort 

Perfect for everyday wear, Perlon Straps offer comfort. Their lightweight and breathable nature make them ideal for any occasion. Explore a spectrum of colors to match your mood and style, seamlessly integrating your Tangente into your daily life.

Conclusion: Personalize Your NOMOS Tangente

Your NOMOS Tangente is more than a minimalistic Bauhaus-style watch; it’s a statement of personal style. As you explore the various strap options, remember that each choice contributes to the unique character of your watch.


NOMOS Tangente paired with our Suede Strap Vintage Dark Grey | WB Original

Whether you opt for the classic allure of vintage leather, the contemporary luxury of nubuck, or the casual comfort of Perlon, your NOMOS Tangente becomes a canvas for your personal expression. Embrace the journey of personalization and discover the perfect strap that resonates with your style and enhances the timeless beauty of your NOMOS Tangente.

NOMOS Tangente 38 date wrist shot

The NOMOS classic: Tangente – shown here in the version Tangente 38 Date with 38mm diameter and date display

Note of thanks

Photos were taken by our brand ambassadors NOMOS Watch Club, @Jens1954 and @julias.fotokiste Thank you for the awesome pictures of our straps on your NOMOS!

Please note: Any watches pictured in this blog post are for illustration purposes only and the watches are not included in our strap offers. Straps may vary slightly from those pictured.

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