Hands-On: Nadir Vespera – The EDC Explorer Watch with Modern Retro Vibes

Nadir Watches is a classic microbrand led by Bart Maniecki, a full-time IT manager at a big e-commerce company. Nadir is Bart’s side project, aiming to create something tangible besides his daily digital tasks. Bart does things a bit differently with Nadir compared to other microbrands, like using 904L Stainless Steel, combining design elements and ensuring immediate availability.

The inspiration behind the design of the Nadir Vespera watch draws from a fusion of various themes, including everyday carry (EDC), automotive aesthetics, and an adventurous outdoor vibe. When considering the design direction, there was a deliberation between opting for a traditional diver-style watch, which would have broad appeal, or pioneering a unique approach that breaks away from convention. Ultimately, the decision was made to take the unconventional route, blending a Compressor design typically found in divers with elements reminiscent of the iconic motorsport watches aesthetic.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at these watches, focusing on their design, features, and performance across three different dial colors: blue, black, and grey.

Bart Maniecki off road



Nadir watches are born out of a personal need. They’re the down-to-earth EDC tools wanted by a modern adventurer, that combine old-school build quality with a modern approach to designing a timepiece… and now, they’re here to accompany you on your journeys, just like they do for me.

Bart Maniecki (founder)

Nadir Vespera On The Wrist

One of the key design considerations was to ensure practicality and comfort for wearers, particularly for motorcycle riders. This led to the incorporation of offset crowns and a relatively flat profile for the watch, measuring 42mm in diameter and 12.3mm in height. Despite the challenge of integrating a rotating bezel complication connected to the second crown, engineering efforts were dedicated to making it fit seamlessly.

The Nadir Vespera wears exceptionally well on the wrist, even for those with larger wrist circumferences like mine at 18cm (7 inches). The solid 42mm diameter case and short lugs ensure a comfortable fit that doesn’t feel cumbersome or oversized, yet it offers a commanding presence on the wrist, striking the perfect balance between presence and wearability.


Nadir Vespera Grey worn on an 18cm/7″ wrist – Picture: WATCHBANDIT

One notable feature is the case shape, which bears a resemblance to the Nautilus, especially with its left side bulk. However, this design element is balanced out by the presence of two crowns on the opposite side. This creates a harmonious visual balance and adds a touch of uniqueness to the overall aesthetic.

These design attributes were carefully chosen to enhance the wearability of the watch for motorcycle enthusiasts. The goal was to ensure that the watch could comfortably fit under the sleeve of a motorcycle leather jacket and that the crowns wouldn’t interfere with wrist movements during rides. Additionally, the decision was made to retain the traditional crown placement on the right side, avoiding the radical approach of relocating it to the left side as seen in some other watch designs.


The inspiration behind the unique design elements on the dial of the Nadir Vespera watch was to stay true to the essence of the “field watch” genre while adding a touch of innovation and depth. The decision to incorporate unique holes around the minutes into the dial was multifaceted.

Firstly, it was intended to create a sense of depth and layering, giving the dial a three-dimensional appearance that adds visual interest. Additionally, the design of the holes was inspired by industrial aesthetics, resembling sprockets and paying homage to the world of machinery and automotive design.Nadir-Vespera-Grey-Wrist-Shot-Side2-min

Furthermore, these holes serve as intriguing features, drawing the eye and sparking curiosity. Despite the emphasis on functionality, the decision was made to experiment with new and unconventional design elements to make the watch stand out. Overall, the Nadir Vespera not only looks great but also feels comfortable and balanced when worn, making it a pleasure to wear for extended periods.

What do “Vespera” and “Nadir” stand for?

In Latin, “Vespera” translates to “evening.” Naming a watch “Vespera” with the intention of evoking feelings of adventure, navigating life’s transitions, and embarking on timeless explorations. This imbues the timepiece with a special connection to its wearer, inviting them to embrace the journey unfolding before them as they engage in their own adventures or daily activities. Derived from astronomy, “Nadir” refers to the point directly beneath an observer and serves as a crucial reference point for navigation and orientation.

Grey Dial: Modern and Versatile

The grey dial Nadir Vespera offers a modern twist on a classic design. The subtle play of light and shadow on the dial gives it a dynamic look, while the silver-toned indices and hands ensure that it’s easy to read. It’s a versatile option that can easily transition from day to night.



Blue Dial: A Fresh and Cool Choice

The blue dial version of the Nadir Vespera watch has a cool and elegant look. The fine sparkling blue on the dial, combined with the polished edge of the bezel, gives it a subtle shimmer and shine, while the silver indices and hands ensure easy readability. It’s a great choice for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their wrist.



Black Dial: Understated and Sporty

If you prefer a more understated, yet sporty look, the Nadir Vespera Black is the way to go. The dark orange (almost red) details on the matte black dial provide a nice contrast to the silver indices and hands, giving it a classy and modern feel. It’s perfect for both formal occasions and everyday wear.



Functionality: Reliability and Readability in Every Situation

The dial of the Nadir Vespera is adorned with Super-LumiNova BGW9, ensuring excellent visibility even in low-light conditions. This luminous material illuminates the dial, providing clear timekeeping at any time of day or night. The hands of the watch are crafted with a combination of polished and matte finishes, also embellished with Super-LumiNova BGW9. This ensures that not only the hour and minute hands but also the second hand are easily discernible, adding to the practicality and functionality of the timepiece.

Nadir-Vespera Super-LumiNova BGW9

Miyota Performance: Built to Last

Behind the screw-down stainless steel case-back with an embossed pattern and a serial number of the Nadir Vespera watch lies the Miyota 9015 Japanese Automatic Movement, renowned in the world of Microbrands for its reliability and precision. This high-quality movement features a self-winding mechanism, allowing the watch to be powered by the natural motion of the wearer’s wrist. Moreover, it incorporates a hacking mechanism, enabling precise time-setting for utmost accuracy.


Operating at a frequency of 28,800 beats per hour (bph), the Miyota 9015 movement ensures smooth and consistent timekeeping, providing a reliable companion for everyday wear. With a generous 42-hour power reserve, the Vespera watch can keep ticking reliably even when not worn for a couple of days, ensuring uninterrupted performance.

Hand Made Leather straps

The leather straps of Nadir watches are carefully crafted from Italian Pueblo leather sourced from Badalassi Carlo in Tuscany. Handmade with precision in Poland, where Nadir is based, each strap reflects exceptional craftsmanship and quality, with perfectly color-matching stitching for each watch.


With convenient quick-release spring bars, changing straps is effortless. What sets these straps apart is the unique detail of the quick-release mechanism positioned on the left side, adding a subtle touch of distinction. Speaking with the craftsman, I discovered that this personalized approach is his signature style. Nadir-Vespera-quick-release-min

Another intriguing feature is the stitching at the end of the longer strap, reminiscent of the Nadir Logo. The four connected N letters resemble a cross, adding a distinctive touch to the design.

Nadir-Vespera-Leather Strap-Stitching Detail-min

Nadir Vespera Strap Guide

The Watchbandit Nadir Vespera presents various dial colors paired with adaptable Hybrid Sailcloth-Rubber straps in blue, grey, and black/orange. These straps offer a lightweight, sporty, and waterproof appearance, ideal for summer and water pursuits. Kindly note that these straps are prototypes, and their availability as an option or add-on is still being decided by Nadir. If you’re eager to wear it on such strap, they bear a resemblance to the WB Original Hybrid Straps.


In summary, the Nadir Vespera provides an exemplary combination of modern field-watch-style, comfort and performance, making them ideal everyday carry (EDC) timepieces suitable for both adventurous explorations and formal occasions. With their functional yet stylish design, these watches offer versatility that matches various preferences and lifestyles. Whether you’re drawn to the cool elegance of the blue dial, the understated classiness of the black dial, or the modern versatility of the grey dial, the Vespera collection has something for everyone for a very fair price below 500€. Elevate your wrist game and experience the excellence of Nadir.


Nadir watches come nestled in eco-friendly cardboard cartons, embodying our commitment to the planet. Reduce, reuse, recycle – every step counts towards a greener future!


Elegance meets nature with the beautiful wooden watch box! Crafted from exquisite wood, it is a perfect blend of style and sustainability


  • Brand: Nadir
  • Movement: Japanese automatic caliber Miyota 9015, 42 hour power reserve, 28,800 bph
  • Diameter: 42mm
  • Height: 12.3mm
  • Lug-Width: 20mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 47mm
  • Case: 904L Stainless Steel
  • Bezel: Internal rotating, bidirectional
  • Crown: Dual Crown style, the lower one is screwed and has an embossed Nadir logo
  • Dial: Matte dial with Super-LumiNova BGW9, Polished/matt decorated hands with Super-LumiNova BGW9
  • Glass: Sapphire crystal with four layers of anti-reflective coating
  • Caseback: Screw-down stainless steel caseback with embossed pattern and serial number
  • Water resistance: 10 ATM / 100 m (330 ft)
  • Strap: Handcrafted from Badalassi Carlo Italian Pueblo leather (from Tuscany) with quick-change spring bars
  • Limited to 100 pieces per color variant
  • Price: 490€, directly on


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