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Tropical Style Rubber Watch Strap by WatchBandit Original

WatchBandit Original Tropical Style Rubber Watch Straps Band on NOMOS Ahoi and Rolex GMT

Tropical Style Rubber straps became famous for a range of sports- and especially dive watches in the ‘60s and ’70s because of their durability, comfort and unique design, which is well known until this day. Furthermore they were often OEM standard for many well known watch manufacturers. The strap has a distinct cross-hatch pattern on top and an embossed diamond-shaped underside with lots of channels to derive water and sweat.

Perfect 1960s and ’70s Vintage-Style

Tropical Rubber watch strap green Rolex GMT Master II close up

Close up of the distinctive cross-hatch pattern of the Tropical Style Rubber Strap – Green on a Rolex GMT-Master II 116710LN

It was very important to us, to stay very faithful to the original watch band design from the ‘60s and ’70s, to keep up the vintage flair, but also to use modern and high quality rubber, to increase the comfort and durability to modern standards. Our WatchBandit Original Tropical Style Watch bands are made from high quality and durable Fluorine (FKM) rubber with many advantages like: Excellent temperature resistance, high chemical stability, good weather, aging and oxygen stability, excellent resistance in mineral oils and fats, low gas permeability and very good resistance in non-polar media temperature range from –40 °C to +225 °C.

Tropical Rubber watch strap green_quick release spring bars close up_NOMOS Ahoi close up

The diamond pattern is embossed on the inside of the Tropical Style Rubber Band – Blue, with lots of channels to derive water and sweat and it features quick-release spring bars for an easy installing process – Watch: NOMOS Ahoi Atlantik

Tropical Rubber watch strap blue_NOMOS Ahoi Atlantik

About Watchbandit watch straps

Designed in Germany, Berlin, and produced together with the best watch strap factories, we put our yearlong experience to the table to make premium watch straps affordable. With the newest trends and highest standards in mind, we produce the straps you were always looking for. After we sell a strap category for a certain time, we collect the experiences made by you, our customers, to improve the straps and the market and produce the perfect strap for you. As there is in most cases nothing comparable on the market, we tailor the products to the needs of our modern watch lovers. That said WatchBandit Original straps are the essence of a yearlong process and developed with your help. Thanks for helping us making quality watch straps affordable!