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Rolex Day-Date Strap Guide by Watchbandit

The Rolex Day-Date is widely known as “the presidents watch”; From Kennedy, Johnson, Ford, Reagan, Nixon to Roosevelt, each of them was a proud wearer of the Rolex Day-Date. Since launched in 1956 and worn by many important and powerful people, the Rolex Day-Date President has remained as the brand’s top of the line status watch, which is exclusively crafted in precious metals. When Rolex introduced its flagship model, it was the first watch with the day of the week written in full at 12 o’clock, along with the date window at 3 o’clock. The Day- and Date complication is widely mimicked in watches of all price ranges, but none of them come close to the prestige, excellence, and timelessness of the Rolex Day-Date.  In true Rolex fashion, the watch has remained largely the same throughout its history with the brand adding incremental technical modifications and design enhancements over the years. Another hallmark of the Rolex Day-Date is its bracelet; The “President-“ and widely known as the “presidential bracelet” with its semi-circular three-piece links is one of three bracelet types at Rolex watches besides the “Oyster-” and “Jubilee bracelet”. Characterized by its links, the President bracelet is almost as famous as the timepiece itself, which makes the watch an eye-catcher from top to toe. If you’re looking for a rather reserved and classy golden watch, but you don’t want to miss out on the famous heritage afflicted Rolex Day-Date President, we have the solution for you to fulfill both of your watch-desires.

Rolex Day-Date ref. 1803 full gold

Vintage Rolex Day-Date ref. 1803 with a lot of wear marks, which make the watch even more interesting – But a full golden presidential bracelet makes the watch look a little “too much” for some and the old presidential-bracelet is worn out and flimsy

Even though it’s the most treasured model by Rolex, a watch in full precious metal such as yellow gold can be just “too much” for some, and many associate it with a “grandpas’ watch”. In the following Rolex Day-Date Strap Guide we’d like to show you an alternative- and some of the best strap combinations for your Day-Date, which take some of the “presidential-grandpa status” away, without depreciating the watch itself. In fact, rather the opposite happens: The watch gets a more casual and elegant appearance, combined with individual style. It’s also a great option for people, who can’t afford a brand new Rolex Day-Date and rather pick a well worn and maybe incomplete second-hand watch with a flimsy old bracelet. Giving such a watch service and putting it on a new WB original strap will feel like a rebirth of the famous presidential Rolex with a new and modern spirit.

Rolex Day-Date ref. 1803 on brown suede leather strap by Watchbandit Original

Classy casual look: Rolex Day-Date ref. 1803 on the vintage rusty brown suede leather strap by Watchbandit Original

Classy-Casual: Suede Leather Strap

Suede Straps are not only very soft and comfortable, but it also provides the perfect classy-casual look for your Rolex Day-Date. Our WB Original suede leather watch straps with their characteristic double-stitching at the lugs are handmade in Italy, with genuine leather from Tuscany and are naturally tanned. If you want to wear it less casual, but still not too elegant, our suede strap by RIOS1931 with their characteristic fine side-stitching is the strap of your choice.

Heritage: Vintage Leather Strap

The Vintage Leather Band for the Rolex Day-Date rounds up every outfit with its retro-look. You can make it match the leather of your shoes and belt perfectly, which you’re wearing to your suit. It’s not too retro and yet not too elegant – it’s just perfect from Monday to Sunday. Like all our WB Original leather straps they are handmade in Italy, with genuine leather from Tuscany and are naturally tanned.

Summer-time: Perlon strap

The Perlon strap is the perfect strap to transform your elegant Rolex Day-Date into a classy and yet casual summer-watch: The Perlon strap is thin, light, and breathable, which makes them perfect for hot and active summer days. The synthetic nylon fibers are water-resistant and are sturdy enough to not fray or tear. It’s is so light that after a while on the wrist, you’ll barely notice that you’re wearing a watch. They are available as a single- or two-piece perlon straps.

Elegant Explorer: Canvas strap

A Canvas Strap gives your Rolex Day-Date a kind of military touch and feel, like if you as a president visit your troops at the front and don’t want to flash with a full gold bracelet. Our WatchBandit Original Canvas Straps are made from high quality and durable cotton (90%) and viscose (10%). Our Canvas strap can be perfectly adjusted, even for big wrists, due to its 10 adjustment holes. With an 18 cm / 7 inch wrist, you’re in the 5th hole of the strap when the watch is on your wrist. Most canvas straps have a layer of leather on the inside of the strap, but we have renounced it because leather won’t last as long as a canvas when it’s exposed to sweat and water.

Which strap size does my Rolex Day-Date need?

For the Rolex Day-Date, you need a strap-width of 20 mm, which is the most common lug width at Rolex watches. If you can’t find a leather strap in 20 mm, it is no problem to take a 21 mm strap instead; Even though there is a small size difference of 0,5 mm each side, leather and other soft materials are soft enough to fit your watch and the difference of 0,5 mm each side is not enough to make it looked squeezed. More about how to find out which strap size your watch needs here.

For a golden watch, you can pair your strap perfectly with our golden replacement buckle by WB Original.

How do I change the bracelet or strap on my Rolex?

To change the bracelet of your Rolex watch, you’ll need a spring bar tool with a special 1 mm fork, that fits in the openings of the bracelet, for example, the Bergeon 6767 spring bar tool.

Vintage Rolex day-date and datejust on suede leather by watchbandit

Vintage Rolex Day-Date and -Datejust by paired with suede straps by Watchbandit – If you wear a Rolex Datejust, don’t miss our Rolex Datejust Strap Guide – Picture: @lespecialistevintage


Photos on the solid gold Rolex Day-Date were taken by us

Please note: Any watches pictured in this blog post are for illustration purposes only and the watches are not included in our strap offers. Straps may vary slightly from those pictured.

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8 thoughts on “Rolex Day-Date Strap Guide by Watchbandit

  1. Ronald Yu says:

    what is good for a rose gold 1803?

  2. Graham says:

    can I still use my Presidents watch under water with your leather straps

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Graham,
      we don’t recommend to use natural, non-waterproof leather straps under water. Better use our waterproof WB Original FKM Rubber straps or nylon straps, if your watch is exposed to water and sweat a lot.

      Chris & Team Watchbandit

  3. Jose Najera says:

    looking for a replacement strap for my Rolex Day Date 41.
    what straps do you recommend? I want to avoid purchasing the incorrect size strap.

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Jose,

      for a Day-Date II President ref. 218238 you need 20 mm straps

      Chris & Team WATCHBANDIT

  4. Mete says:

    Hi, I couldnt find the blue/gray strap in the first picture under perlon straps, is it sold out?

    1. Mick says:

      Hi Mete, the Blue perlon will come back in stock in ca 3 weeks. Cheers

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