Lug width measuring Nomos Club 18mm vintage leather strap

How to determine the “lug width” of your watch

The lug width or lug size of a watch describes the space between the two lugs of a watch case. Between the lugs, the strap is fitted to the watch case with the help of spring bars. Single pieced Perlon- or NATO- and Single-Pass-NATO Straps are just pulled through the lugs and don’t have spring bars inside them; Nevertheless, they need to fit through the lugs and spring bars to hold on the watch on the wrist. The most common lug width is 20 mm, but they can range from 16 mm to 24 mm. Some vintage- or ladies watches have even smaller lug widths.

When you want to buy one of our watch bands you need to know, which strap size you should select for your watch. Your watch can look bad with a too small or too big watch strap. The correct fit of the strap is very important. In the following article, we like to show you how to determine the correct strap and lug size of your wristwatch.


Measuring the correct strap size and lug width for your watch

Check your old strap

If your watch has a leather strap already, you can just check the size of your old strap and measure the width of it between the watch lugs. Most leather straps have an imprinted number which stands for the lug width/strap size.

Close up Imprinted lug width of the vintage leather strap on a Nomos Club with a size of 18mm lug width

The imprinted “18” stands for a strap width of 18mm between the watch lugs.


Measure your watch

In some cases, the watch strap doesn’t offer you information about its size. Then you can just take the old strap and hold it to a ruler, or measure the watch itself. This way you can easily measure the lug width by yourself and select the correct band size for your watch.

Rolex GMT Master II lug width 20mm

The lug width of the Rolex GMT Master II 116710LN is 20mm

Check in the world wide web

The homepage of the manufacturer of your watch may offer details about the lug width of your watch model. If you can’t even find it there, then you can check the watch database called WatchBase.  There you can check the lug width and other interesting details of your watch.

Ask us!

And if all of the mentioned methods don’t work for you, you can always contact us via email or DM us on Instagram. We are happy to help you to choose the right strap with the correct size for your watch!

22 thoughts on “How to determine the “lug width” of your watch

  1. Erwin J.M.J.J. says:

    The lug width of my Festina watch is 28 mm. Do you also have NATO watch straps that fit this lug width?

    Kind regards,
    Erwin J.M.J.J. Houben

    1. Mick says:

      Hi Erwin,

      At the moment the largest lug width for our nato straps is 24mm.



      1. Robert kallen says:

        I have a seiko couture watch with 100m depth. Lost the rubber/ silicone band. I the serial number is 261108. The 4 numbers on the bottom case look like 7182- okxo? I already bought a band somewhere else. and it was way too big. What size 8s my lug width? Do you carry it? Thanks.

  2. Massimo says:

    hello can i put on Zenith el primero 42mm? can you put the Depliant Closure? plus I have a 16.5 cm wrist … can it be shorter?

  3. Linda Williamson says:

    I need a watch strap that is 10cm lug to lug but then 20cm after the lug is it possible to get a replacement? The watch is a citizen eco-drive

    1. Mick says:

      Hi Linda, I would advise you to contact a citizen dealer. Cheers

  4. Maarten Mulder says:

    Hi there,

    I own an Omega speedmaster professional Mk2., 1970. At the moment the watch is in repair so I can’t measure the lug width. What strap size do I need to order?

    Thanks in advance!

    Maarten Mulder

    1. Mick says:

      Hi Maarten, I would need the reference number to be sure. Cheers,

  5. John McFarland says:

    I need to replace my Fossil watch on a wide leather band. Lug width is 20mm, but how do find out what watch will fit lug to lug which is 39 to 40mm?

    1. Mick says:

      You need to measure the distance between the lugs, then you know what size strap you need. Cheers

  6. kristoffer says:

    hi I have a TAG Heuer formula 1 with 21,5mm lug width. could I buy a 22mm strap or does it have to be 21.

    1. Chris says:

      We recommend to better get a slightly larger strap than a smaller one. A gap is annoying and 0,25mm per side too much like in your case can be easily squeezed between the lugs, without even being noticed. I for example wear a 21mm leather strap on my 20mm lug-width watch myself, because it was the last one in stock and until now I didn’t changed it, because I don’t notice the difference. Cheers!

  7. Ed says:


    Forgive my newbie question – i recently bought an ORIS Artix GT Automatic Grey Dial Men’s Watch 01 735 7751 4153-07 8 21 87. Am I right in thinking I would need a 21mm strap for this?


    1. Mick says:

      Hi Ed, just measure the distance between the lugs, and you will have the correct size. Cheers

  8. Terry says:

    Hi, I have a Speedmaster Racing with a 22mm lug to lug distance but the band tapers to 20mm at the clasp. Should I be buying a band to fit the 22mm or the 20mm? Do you sell the Speedmaster band (rubber with the yellow ‘speedmaster’ print)?

    1. Chris says:

      Hi Terry,
      please buy a strap with the exact lug width, in your case 22 mm. Some of our straps also taper down and you can use the original Omega clasp. We don’t sell Omega bands, but we offer high quality FKM rubber bands in many colors, also yellow and our Premium NATO straps are OEM quality 🙂
      Chris & TeamWatchbandit

  9. Scott Richardson says:

    My son has a Speedmaster reduced with a measured lug spacing of 18mm. Unfortunately Omega sells just a 20 or 22mm Nato strap. Is it possible to squeeze a 20mm strap into an 18mm gap?

    I think it would be odd that Omega doesn’t sell a Nato strap for the reduced speedmaster, but I think it equally odd that they would squeeze a 20mm strap into an 18mm gap.


    1. Mick says:

      Hi Scott,

      That is strange indeed. But luckily we got you back with a great selection of 18 mm nato straps:



  10. Roger Hammersmyth says:

    Tissot Powermatic Silver/Stainless case
    Lug width 8mm. It is a very odd piece but it has sentimental value.

  11. Joseph says:

    Hi! Would you please refer me to any of your leather straps that would fit these 2 Oris watches? Thank you.

    01 781 7729 4031-07 5 21 65FC
    01 745 7666 4054-07 5 23 71FC

  12. Jim Armstrong says:

    my Omega lugs measure 17 mm exactly. Do I buy 17/14 or 17/16. What is the difference?

    1. Chris says:

      Hello Jim,

      Thank you for reaching out. The numbers 17/14 and 17/16 refer to the width of the strap at the lugs (17mm – where it attaches to the watch) and the width at the buckle or clasp (14 or 16mm).

      If your Omega lugs measure exactly 17mm, you should choose the 17 strap option. Then you need to measure the width of your buckle/clasp end. If you then choose for example 17/16, this means the strap will taper from 17mm at the lugs to 16mm at the buckle or clasp end. It’s designed to ensure a comfortable fit and a seamless connection to your watch.

      Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions or if there’s anything else we can help you with via email at

      Best regards,
      Chris & Team WATCHBANDIT

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