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The Vario 1945 D12 Watch Strap Guide

Finding the right straps for your favorite timepiece can be a daunting—yet fun—experience. That’s because today there are many brands that make quality straps and many styles one can choose from, to the point where it’s easy to get a headache just thinking about it. So, to make your life a little bit easier, we put together a strap guide for a very particular type of watch that has become popular as of late: World War II/Dirty Dozen-inspired timepieces. Our test subject today is the Vario 1945 D12 with the Raven Black dial option. (This model also comes with gray, green, and white dials.) This type of watch was created for ultimate legibility in all conditions, and the model we have in hand showcases a monochromatic design with white and yellow accents. 

First things first, we’re going to pair the Vario 1945 D12’s 18mm lug width with three options for NATO-style straps so that we can preserve and celebrate this type of watch’s military heritage. The Dirty Dozen which came out in 1945 were delivered on some kind of nylon or cotton straps that would keep the watch securely attached to the wrist. According to some, they were delivered on single-pass khaki cotton straps or early ancestors of the NATO. For this section, we paired the Vario with three WATCHBANDIT Original NATO straps made of premium nylon and coming in two styles. Then, we’re going to see how the Vario looks on a variety of two-piece straps made of rubber, leather, and nylon. Because well, not everybody loves NATO-style straps and you could be looking for something different. And we got you covered! 

Premium Grey Nato Strap With Brushed Hardware


Grey NATO’s are the rage and this Premium Nato Strap is the perfect match for this watch. This strap is made of quality nylon that is soft to the touch yet strong, and its texture is what people refer to as “seatbelt” which comes with a premium appeal. The strap has a sheen that makes it elegant and luxurious, and its reasonable 1.2mm thickness and versatile length of 280mm (excluding the brushed stainless steel buckle) make it comfortable to wear and appropriate for a variety of wrist sizes. The Military Green version is also a looker and highlights the purpose-driven nature of the Vario 1945 D12. The Premium Nato Strap comes in lug widths of 18, 20, and 22mm. 

Black Ribbed Nato Strap With Brushed Hardware

If you are looking for something stronger, I suggest looking at the Ribbed Nato Strap. Ribbed Nato’s are also made of nylon but in a tighter weave pattern, making the strap more resistant and stronger, however a bit stiffer. But thanks to its 1.2mm thickness, this strap remains comfortable to wear and is easy to fit on any watch. The denser texture of this strap also gives out a more utilitarian feel, perfect for a military field watch. It measures 280mm long and comes in lug widths of 18, 20, and 22mm. 

Black Tropical Style Rubber Watch Strap With Brushed Hardware

One might think that rubber tropic straps are best paired with a diver. We agree and we don’t. This Tropical Style Rubber Watch Strap gives the Vario a different vibe. Not so much that of a battlefield watch but more a field/exploration timepiece. The black color of this strap matches the dial, and being made of FKM rubber, this strap is comfortable to wear on the wrist. FKM is known for being soft to the touch and on the skin, and resistant to high-temperature changes as well as heat, sweat, and dust. With a thickness of 5 to 3mm and a length of 130mm + 80mm, it will fit many wrists. It comes in lug widths of 18, 20, and 22mm and with the option of brushed stainless steel or matte black buckles. 

Khaki Two-Piece Nato Strap With Brushed Hardware

If you don’t like rubber but want something equally strong and soft, we recommend the Two-Piece Nato Strap Khaki. First of all, we think the khaki color perfectly matches a 1945-style military watch, and the soft nylon fabric used is elegant and comfortable. This is due to the fact that the strap measures 3mm in thickness across and, being made of nylon, it is very pliable. Measuring 120mm + 75mm, it will fit most wrist sizes and works perfectly with a smaller watch like the Vario. It also comes in lug widths of 18, 20, and 22mm. 

Black Premium Sailcloth Watch Strap With Brushed Hardware

The next option for a sturdy two-piece strap has to be a sailcloth. The latter is a synthetic material that is strong and looks refined. The Premium Sailcloth Watch Strap is padded for comfort, and the underneath is made of leather so that it is soft on the skin. For maximum robustness, the holes are reinforced with a piece of leather that doubles as being good-looking. This strap measures 125mm + 75mm and comes with lug widths of 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22mm. Furthermore, it is offered with five different options for the buckle: brushed silver, matte black, polished gold, polished silver, and polished rose gold. 

Rusty Brown Vintage Suede Strap With Polished Hardware

One would be silly not to want to pair a World War II-inspired tool watch with this Suede Vintage Rusty Brown. Handmade in Italy from genuine Vera Pelle leather and naturally tanned, its rawness perfectly matches the purpose-driven nature of the Vario. Of note also is the cream-colored stitching which makes this strap look refined in addition to being well-made and sturdy. It measures 115mm + 75mm and comes with lug widths of 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22mm. (Note: The buckles for the 18/19/20mm straps are 16mm wide and those on the 21/22 mm straps are 18mm wide.) 

Beige Textured Calfskin Watch Strap With Polished Hardware

Last but not least is this Textured Calfskin Watch Strap Beige which elevates the look of the Vario 1945 D12 up a notch. Calfskin leather has a unique texture that blends well with the Vario while being elegant, soft, and comfortable to wear on the wrist, thanks to the additional leather backing. The material used is a very soft genuine leather from Tuscany which is naturally tanned, and paired with light colored stitching that echoes the cream accents on the dial. It measures 115mm + 75mm and comes with lug widths of 18, 19, 20, 21, and 22mm. (Note: The buckles for the 18/19/20mm straps are 16mm wide and those on the 21/22 mm straps are 18mm wide.) 

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