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Tributes to the classics of the 1960s-70s

Le Jour watches started it’s humble beginning in the 1960s, Well known by watch aficionados and collectors worldwide for manufacturing Swiss made mechanical watches. Masterfully designed Chronograph watches using Robust Swiss Valjoux movements were some of the most desired in that era due to its modest pricing and durability leading to its Phenomenal Success.

Seacolt GMT


Collections were inspired by Auto-racing, Sailing, Yachting and Aviation. Over the Years they established a reputation by making Professional watches epitomizing precise engineering, dependable construction and using premium mechanical movements.

Hammerhead Diver

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During the 1980s with the shift of demand from High-end Mechanical Watches to the mass-oriented Quartz Revolution, Like many other European manufacturers, even Le Jour began to phase out the production and with time eventually for unknown reasons faded away completely.


The New Journey has started, Picking up the brand’s heritage where it left off 30 years earlier, Le Jour is evolving to adapt iconic models of the past to current trend.

With great attention to the Legacy, Heritage and Sentiments attache,  which made the brand Invincible and revived it with complete commitment and dedication. Maintaining its Vintage charm, Luxurious feel and assurance by using high-end materials, sophisticated reliable movements, we pay tribute to the traditional watchmaking by creating the same brilliance and excellence of yesteryears Le Jour watches.

Their vision is to provide Luxury Timepieces of Distinction to Exclusive Men looking for Performance and Precision from Niche Horological Instruments.

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