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A true watch aficionado needs more than just a collection of timepieces in his wardrobe. A gent who wishes to keep his watches in the best condition requires some important extras to assist with care and maintenance. That’s why WatchBandit has put together a carefully curated collection of extras made with the avid collector in mind. We make it easy to get everything you need to keep your timepieces safely stored and looking stylish. If you’re purchasing a replacement band from our line of luxury quality watch straps, a bar remover can help make swapping your strap a simpler task. Bar removers are true must-haves for men who like to frequently switch their watch bands to coordinate their timepieces with their ensembles.

Our bar removers are engineered to be as simple to use as possible and are crafted from the finest possible materials to ensure years of use. Missing an essential piece from your favourite wristwatch? Before you resign yourself to visiting a jeweller and paying for an expensive replacement part, check out the extras here at WatchBandit. Our spring bars can help you salvage your watch yourself, and we have a wide variety of sizes available to offer the perfect solution for every timepiece. Whether you’re at home or on the go, how you store your watches matters if you want to keep your timepieces free of damage and protect them from dust, sunlight and environmental impurities. A watch roll is perfect for use at home and for taking your timepieces with you when you’re travelling.