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Fresh up your watch – with WatchBandit!

Does your timepiece need a new watch band to restore its style to its former glory? Or are you just looking for the right watch strap, that suits your watch and gives it an individual style? Is your modern watch starting to look dingy because of a worn out strap, or are you hoping to change up the look of your watch to coordinate with your ensembles? Whatever your style inspiration, if you’re looking for new watch straps, WatchBandit is sure to have the perfect choice to complete your timepiece.

WB Originals watch bands

We offer watch bands that rival the quality of the ones produced by some of the finest watchmakers in the world. Our line-up of our own brand WB Original watch bands includes four main styles: Perlon-, Leather-, NATO-, and Canvas watch bands. All straps come with a high quality brushed or polished buckle and hardware, made from 316L stainless steel and with a WB laser-engraving

Perlon Straps

Perlon watch bands perfectly complement many different watch styles. They are robust and especially light, which makes them perfect for hot and active summer days. Whatever type of watch you pair it with, this strap is sure to provide you with years of stylish wear with its ultra strong plaited construction. The synthetic nylon fibers are water resistant and are sturdy enough to not fray or tear. A sleek adjustable buckle is included in the design and fastens securely. They are available as a single- or two-piece strap.

Leather Straps

Our WB Original leather watch straps are handmade in Italy, with genuine leather from Tuscany and are naturally tanned. As the whole process is handmade, each strap is unique. This strap will bring out the best look for your watch, and age well with time. We offer vintage-, suede- and ostrich leather straps.

NATO Straps

Our WB Original NATO watch bands are made from high quality, flat and durable seat-belt nylon. Designed in Berlin and produced together with the best watch strap factories, we put our yearlong experience to the table to make premium watch straps affordable.

Two-Piece NATO straps

The WB Original Two-Piece NATO strap was a revolutionary idea, designed by WatchBandit: Many don’t like the bulky left-over of classic NATO bands, but still like the seatbelt nylon material. The solution: Creating a watch classic watch strap with two pieces and the robust but comfortable seatbelt nylon material.

If you want to know more about (two-piece-) NATO straps, klick here!

Canvas straps

WB Original Canvas Straps are made of superior and soft cotton and has 10 adjustment holes for the perfect fit, even for larger wrists. The buckle is made from 316L stainless steel and has a brushed finish, with a WB engraving. Stand out from the crowd with our WB Original Canvas Straps.


WatchBandit watch bands are offered in a wide range of colors from traditional tones, that go with every outfit, to striking vibrant hues, that stand out in a crowd. Most of our watch straps come in 18mm, 20mm and 22mm sizes, offering something to go with almost every timepiece.