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Eulit has recently put out their Barington collection of watch straps in hopes of giving their customers more options to work with. The straps in this collection are all made out of leather but are broken into two categories: racing and vintage. Each one has its own appeal and is ready to be worn with almost any watch in your collection.

Eulit Barington watch straps come in both a racing style and a vintage style. The racing straps are made out of premium quality leather that is ultra soft to the touch. The leather comes in a number of colors, including black and brown, with highlighting colors beneath them and making up their stitching. The colors that these Eulit Barington racing watch straps come in include red, orange, yellow, blue, gray, brown and black. Each strap measures 20 centimeters in length with a stainless steel buckle closure.

The Eulit Barington vintage watch straps are also made with high-quality leather and are subtler in nature, making them better for wear with everyday style watches. Each one comes in different, neutral colors, including beige, black, brown and grey, letting you mix and match what watches you wear them with.

WatchBandit is proud to be an authorized retailer of these Eulit Barington vintage and racing watch straps. Get your own vintage or racing strap for 35 euros. Free shipping is included on orders over 99 euros.